Friday, October 24, 2008

Power of the POTUS

Helen Thomas reveals the true power of Ronald Raygun in this , short video, which doesn't surprise me at all. It is ridiculous to believe the main stream media as they attribute all of the important world decisions to one man, the president of the US, especially when considering our present sock puppet, George Duhhbya Bu$h.

Helen dumbfounded Duhbya at his first press conference, where she got the usual first question. This ended a tradition that she had enjoyed since the times of John Kennedy.

On May 17, 2000, after fifty-seven years working with the organization, Thomas resigned from United Press International (UPI) the day after the announcement of its acquisition by News World Communications Inc., a company founded and controlled by Unification Church leader Reverend Sun Myung Moon. She later described the change in ownership as "a bridge too far".

Viewpoint with James Zogby 2/14/08 - Helen Thomas

video part 1

video part 2

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