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Toxoplasma Gondii Effects on Planet Earth



        The History of Toxoplasma gondii 

                        The First 100 Years :PDF

United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Animal and Natural Resources Institute, Animal Parasitic Diseases
Laboratory, Building 1001, Beltsville, Maryland 20705-2350
ABSTRACT. In this paper the history of Toxoplasma gondii and toxoplasmosis is reviewed. This protozoan parasite was first discovered
in 1908 and named a year later. Its medical importance remained unknown until 1939 when T. gondii was identified in tissues of a
congenitally infected infant, and veterinary importance became known when it was found to cause abortion storms in sheep in 1957. The
discovery of a T. gondii specific antibody test, Sabin–Feldman dye test in 1948 led to the recognition that T. gondii is a common parasite of
warm-blooded hosts with a worldwide distribution. Its life cycle was not discovered until 1970 when it was found that felids are its
definitive host and an environmentally resistant stage (oocyst) is excreted in feces of infected cats. The recent discovery of its common
infection in certain marine wildlife (sea otters) indicates contamination of our seas with T. gondii oocysts washed from land. Hygeine
remains the best preventive measure because currently there is no vaccine to prevent toxoplasmosis in humans.
Key Words. Biology, bradyzoite, diagnosis, life cycle, oocysts, prevention, symptoms, tachyzoite, treatment.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Trump better stay the hell out of Oregon

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It is not just about common Pneumonia anymore


                               According to this study:

Chlamydia pneumoniae is a major cause of acute respiratory tract diseases in human and has been responsible for both endemic and epidemic pneumonia. In addition, this organism is thought to play some roles in other clinical manifestations, like coronary artery diseases, asthma and sarcoidosis 

This is the first Saudi Arabian study that investigates the prevalence of this organism in Saudi Arabia, its pathogenesis and immunological response. The study employed a wide range of advanced techniques and methods, including culturing ,detection by immunoflourescence, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), electron microscopy, antichlamydial activity assays and the most recent advanced technique of microarray technology. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                              

Link to PDF File

King Saud University
Faculty of Science
Botany and Microbiology Department

“Thesis submitted for partial fulfillment of the requirement
of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in
Microbiology (Bacteriology) at the department of Botany
and Microbiology , King Saud University”



Chlamydophila pneumoniae Infection

Chlamydophila pneumoniae Infection

 College studentsClinical Features Pneumonia or bronchitis, gradual onset of cough with low-grade fever. Less common presentations are pharyngitis, laryngitis, and sinusitis. The spectrum of illness can range from asymptomatic infection to severe disease. Etiologic Agent The bacterium Chlamydophila (or Chlamydia) pneumoniae (C. pneumoniae) is distinct from other Chlamydia species.          

Incidence The overall incidence is unknown. Each year, an estimated 2-5 million cases of pneumonia and 500,000 pneumonia-related hospitalizations occur in the United States. Sequelae C. pneumoniae infection may be associated, by some investigators, with atherosclerotic vascular disease. Associations with Alzheimer's disease, asthma, and reactive arthritis have been proposed. Transmission Person-to-person transmission by respiratory secretions. Outbreaks can occur periodically, primarily in close-contact settings such as military barracks, college dormitories, long-term care facilities, or prisons. Risk Groups All ages at risk, but most common in school-age children. In the United States, about 50% of adults have evidence of past infection by age 20. Reinfection throughout life appears to be common. 

 Treatment Macrolides are often the first-line treatment; tetracyclines and fluoroquinolones are also effective. Surveillance No national or state surveillance exists. Trends Unknown. Improved diagnostic testing may lead to improved recognition of infection. Challenges There is a lack of standardized diagnostic methods. Isolation of the etiologic agent is difficult, so antibody tests using paired acute- and convalescent-phase sera have been used for diagnosis. There are no known methods to prevent possible sequelae. The role of C. pneumoniae in atherosclerotic vascular disease needs further definition. Postinfection carriage of C.pneumoniae can occur for up to 8 weeks. Opportunities To apply new laboratory methods, such as real-time polymerase chain reaction, and to evaluate association between C. pneumoniae infection and atherosclerosis, as well as other chronic diseases. 

 Page last reviewed: February 7, 2014

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CDC now lables this as Atypical Pneumonia

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

ELECTION NEWS 2016 ~Stay in the Now & Imagine a Better Reality

Here's a round-up of the stars that now form a bright constellation around Jill and Ajamu - and what they have to say:

1.) Dr. Cornel West

"I wholeheartedly support Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. And I’m writing to you today to let you know, they have my endorsement - and I know they have your support as well."

2.) Chris Hedges

"It is imperative that you join me in contributing to the Stein/Baraka presidential campaign and vote for Jill and Ajamu in the upcoming election."

3.) Medea Benjamin

"I’m writing to you today to endorse Jill and Ajamu. I urge you to support them as wholeheartedly as I do - with heart, energy, time and money."

4.) Susan Sarandon

"I'm therefore very happy to endorse Jill Stein for the presidency because she does stand for everything I believe in."

5.) Patch Adams

"My heart aches for the huge number of people who have come to me hurt, but they can't get care or they won't get care because of the bill. The #1 cause for a citizen for losing their home is their medical bill. This can stop. Vote for Jill Stein!"

6.) Viggo Mortensen

"So, why am I voting for Jill Stein? Because now is the time, not later, because I will not be intimidated by those who operate out of fear of significant change, because I will not be dissuaded by those who are understandably nervous about thinking long-term, about standing firm in the eternal battle for socio-economic justice and true political freedom in this country."

7.) Marc Lamont Hill

"I’m raising my hand in support of Jill and the Green Party. Will you do the same? This is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make it clear that an alternative movement has taken hold. We will revolutionize the world."

8.) Kshama Sawant

"Everyone on the left is afraid of Donald Trump. But the only way to ensure that there is no widening echo for right-wing demagoguery is to build the left and - to also build progressive movements. That is why my organization, Socialist Alternative, and I are proud to stand with Jill Stein for President."

9.) Ray McGovern

"I was thinking of my nine grandchildren (and the questions they have) when I returned my Intelligence Commendation Medallion - a gesture aimed at dissociating myself from an agency openly engaged in torture. I thought of them even more, in deciding to cast my vote for Jill Stein, knowing that she and the Greens are hard at work trying to assure that my grandchildren will have the clean air and pure water that most of us “grown-ups” still take for granted. Will you stand with me and support Jill?"

We have been so honored to have these celebrities endorse the Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka Presidential ticket. But to us, these aren't just people who have celebrity - they're people who have integrity!
Why are they supporting Jill and Ajamu? 
Slack_for_iOS_Upload.jpgBecause they know what you and I know.

They know there is a small powerful ruling elite in America. And the ruling elite do not want a just and peaceful true democracy that is governed by ordinary, working people.

Green is not just a color. it is a philosophy

It is a way of seeing and a way of being. It is a way like...standing in the mud in order to perceive the happenings in these weird and unaccountable times or just simply wading in the ocean where you are well grounded, If you venture into the universal solvent any more than ankle deep, you will notice that a lot of the static electricity that has built up from the excesses of power that we take for granted in our everyday life is missing. 

Come on in the waters fine

come on in and Meet Jill Stein

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About the Neoconservative takeover of the US Government

  Is there's anything the citizens can do about this treasonous act by the government? Who do you hang?

  Good questions that we all should all be giving serious consideration but, first of all, there is not enough rope to hang all of the actors in this puppet regime. I've signed every marijuana initiative that i came across for the last fifty years, and my kids and grand kids are wondering why I voted no on the latest one. Well, it is because I believe that the legislation is not in our best interests and the worst part is that growing pot is now a for profit Republican enterprise. Monsanto has already taken out a patent for genetically modified marijuana, and I can guarantee you that it has nothing to do with the hemp industry. 

 What we really need to do is take back our government and return the land to we the people so that we can show good example to all of the folks here on planet Earth. Woody Guthrie had it right in the 1930's. They called him a Socialist, just as today...they call Bernie Sanders a Socialist, But they now parrot it on main stream media without ever giving a thought about the resemblance, of the Jackboots that oversee our every action, to a Police State.