PC Hell discusses Zedo pop-up ads

G: 3/10/2012

Windows updated last night which required a reboot. When I signed in there was a java update so I downloaded it. Everything seems to be working well, but while digging up some dirt on Gingrinch this pop up appeared, along with a few others. It was a high definition image and was very stable, so did a screen capture. Not to be paranoid, but I have to wonder why it was political in nature, at a time when I was checking out the Grinch, a known Tea Party supporter.

This is what PC Hell says about it.....

Powered By Zedo Removal Instructions and Help

What are Powered by Zedo and URL.CPVFEED.COM Popups?
I consider myself a pretty good spyware removal expert, but I ALMOST was stumped the other day when a customer's computer was infected with these strange "Powered by Zedo" ad popups. They would popup in the middle of the screen without warning usually when I was trying to search Google or another search engine. Then they would take my search term and put it in the popup ad showing Ebay or a few other sites.
The javascript that was producing the popups had several ad networks that it was using including
The popups were appearing in Internet Explorer as well as Firefox and popup blockers including Google Toolbar were not stopping the invasion.