Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Strange, melted car, happenings in Pakistan hotel bombing

From the Marriot hotel in Pakistan

MASSIVE EXPLOSION IN MARRIOTT HOTEL PAKISTAN: More than 200 foreigners/guests in hotel including foreign press

from the blog of...

God Like Productions

"It was an underground Micro Nuke. You could see water at the bottom of the crater. It was probably place in and underground sewer or other pipe or buried there long ago.
This is the same scenario as the Bali bombings."

"or in the back of a truck....

you might be on to something..."

"Then there was a flash of light, the truck caught fire and then exploded with an enormous bang"

"Sounds like a nuke....."

A lot of other interesting details as well in this report:

From the parking lot at the World Trade Center

Well, the melted cars set off an alarm for me too. They also look like some of the melted cars seen in Iraq. Looks like the Neocorporatecons might be experimenting with Star Wars Weapons wherever and whenever they want to. There were reports of of this in Lebanon also...G:


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