Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dick McPain & The Neoconservative Agenda

Well, all I can tell ya is, lets stay in the now, and above all not pass judgement on folks like Dick McPain for their appearance. After all, he’s old and been through a lot.

Anyhow, I have to talk about history, because that’s all we can percieve, so I’ll try to to be here and there all at once…zzzZZZ*

Oh, yeh…McCain has supported every hair brained agenda that Cheney told Duhhbya to pursue, and at the same time says that he is a straight talker, while flip flopping over the edges of both sides of the aisle. The man can’t even remember what he is saying from one speech to the other.
Not only that but he has chosen a woman that is smarter than him and, in fact, more of a man than he is. I sure wouldn’t want her as president of this once great country though cause I’m not a hunter of animals for their skin, and I truelly believe that if we have killed one innocent civilian with this dirty little war, that we have killed one too many. Bu$hco admitted that there were no weapons of mass destruction, but thought that it was an honorable thing that he was responsible for Saddams death, and that War was OK because Saddam was a bad man. Now I ain’t sayin Saddam was innocent of killing his countrymen, but I am saying that Bu$h is a liar, and to beware of McCain because he is only running to promote the Neoconservative agenda in the same way that it now exists….G:

Dr. Stephen Sniegoski summarizes the neocon agenda.

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