Sunday, February 17, 2008

Retired FDNY battalion chief Arthur Scheuerman slated for Feb. 26th on BBC's 911 Documentory

By Pomeroo

Hardfire News

17th January 2008

The BBC is planning a follow-up to the documentary on 9/11, concentrating on the collapse of WTC 7. The producer wants to use parts of a 'Hardfire' debate. I am planning to tape on February 26, and I assume that I will feature the redoubtable Mark Roberts and retired FDNY battalion chief Arthur Scheuerman for the rationalist sdie. As regulars here are aware, my search for fantasist opposition has proved fruitless. Jim Fetzer has volunteered for a rematch with Mark, and claims he can bring along an "expert" on WTC 7. Personally, I'm willing to go with Fetzer (maybe you'd prefer Les Jamieson--see what I mean?). Unlike every other prominent conspiracist, he doesn't get an attack of vapors whenever Mark's name is mentioned. Like soldiers for the Confederacy, he displays courage in the service of a bad cause.

To members of the fantasist community: If you don't feel comfortable with Jim Fetzer being presented as the face of your movement, then it's high time a new champion, someone with cajones, stepped up to the plate. No guts, no glory.

Hmm, most interesting that Pomeroo chooses Arthur Scheuerman for the rationalist side, yet calls Fetzer a conspiracy theorist. Arthur Scheuerman is listed as a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice as well as Dr. James Fetzer. I guess this speaks volumes for the 911 Truth Movement, who can be seen for exactly what they are. Unbiased seekers of the truth, but only indicates a lopsided discussion to me, unless maybe Pomeroo plans on bringing in a truth seeking ex General, and maybe an Architect or Engineer (hard to find?) who questions the NIST report.

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Geezer Power said...

Well, pomeroo says he is throwing in the towel, because he can't find anyone with the stones to debate Mark Roberts and Arthur Scheuerman. I think that what he really means is that he can't find anyone dumb enough to play another mans game. In actuality the debate would include pomeroo (Ronald Weick) also. It would be like going into a bar in a strange town to play poker with the locals. Even god can't beat an ace with a deuce, that's why he doesn't play games...G: