Friday, February 22, 2008

What Mark Roberts ignores about Judy Wood?

The cars shown in these pictures are setting in a car lot at a considerable distance from the event, yet some of them are toasted while others are hardly affected. Interestingly there is a line of sight between part of the parking lot, but some of it is in the shadow of WTC6, a 9 story building. It's like a heavy duty energy force was eminating from the direction of WTC1. This is just a small part of the weird stuff that went on that day, and there is plenty of documentation on Judy's site that should raise questions about EMF technology, Boing, and the military.

Parking lot from upper left of above picture

Some cars from the same parking lot. Note paper etc. that did not burn?

Behind WTC7 looking toward WTC1

This is from Judy Woods site: WTC7 looks REALLY good here! (It's the building on the right, a block away from where the camera person is standing.) It looks like those could be body parts on the sidewalk (arm or leg?). I believe this is after WTC1 goes poof, but am not sure. I have pictures from the next block up, next to WTC7, and it didn't look nearly as bad as this! So, I'm thinking that this part of the street got toasted when they did WTC1 and the other one (posted on was after WTC2 and before WTC1.

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