Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisconsin: Union blood is stronger than a weak end patriots tea

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Union blood is stronger than tea, but the corporate masters believe that if a Tea Bagger carries a gun, he is a patriot. If a Union supporter carries a sign, he is a Socialist.

Is there really any reason that the so called, Tea Party Patriots should be concerned about what is happening in Wisconsin? Well, maybe if they are local, but most of them are being bussed in by such organisations as Freedom Works, which is a cooperative of Dick's Army and Gland Beck.


Here's an exerpt from Therearenosunglasses Weblog

It’s happening in Wisconsin. Its Labor–vs- anti-labor. It’s Ronald Reagan–vs- Mondale…It is the basic right to organize to defend one’s rights and to improve working conditions–vs- the corporations and their mobs for hire, like the Tea Party gang, or whatever they are called. It may be true that much of the anti-union opposition is real (the “unions have killed this country” crowd), but, I would think that many of them are there because someone with either money or power asked them to attend. Believe it or not, people, it is a fight between corporations and the rest of us. If you are not a paid part of some corporation, then you are part of the general population being targeted for some great rip-off. Unions and the fights for workers’ rights (which they have waged for all of us, down through the decades), are the reason that you cannot be worked like an abused animal, and your children cannot be forced to labor hard hours at dangerous jobs, whenever you can no longer work, or find work….and believe me, that day is just around the corner.

The rest of the story on No sun glasses excellent weblog.


jbush207 said...

The cartoon screens are black. I greatly enjoyed the music that plays when I clicked the black screen as well as the cartoons that played in my head with the music. I am definitely with the Union. The SOB GOP won't stop until big oil, insurance, banks and Walmart are the only ones getting slices of pie.

Geezer Power said...

"Them old dreams are only in your head" R. Zimmerman

Thanks for the comments john, my humble apologies for the black budget video.

Yep, the defence industry complex got a slice too through the small business loan fiasco. Whowoulda ever know that Boeing was a small business...G%

jbush207 said...

Video is up and running fine. Enjoyed it even more this time through.