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What has become of the Rife Microscope?

Rife Research, Europe

What has become of the
Rife Microscope?
Written by Christopher Bird
New Age Journal, Boston, March 1976, pp 41-47

This article, like an embryo or any living thing, is still growing. A continuation of this growth may depend upon the assistance of NAJ readers, their colleagues and their friends.
Originally I intended to write a short note on what was known about the Rife microscope. Precious little is in print on the subject.
One day, while waiting for some material to come up from the cellar-stacks of the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland, considerably frustrated by the lack of leads and data concerning the demise of the Rife microscope. I wandered by the Subject Card Catalogue and casually flipped at random to a card in the middle of a drawer labeled "Microscopes.."

The card was filed under "Allied Industries" as if that firm were the author. The company's address was stated to be 4246 Pepper Drive, San Diego, California. The title referenced was  " History of the Development of a Successful Treatment for Cancer and Other Virus, Bacteria and Fungi."
At the bottom of the card was a single line: "Written by Dr. R.R. Rife."
Entirely by accident I had stumbled upon what looked to be only one of a series of reports written by Royal Raymond Rife. Fourteen pages long. it was numbered Dev-1042. It was approved and signed by J.F. Crane, Manager; Don Tully, Development Associate; and Verne Thompson, Chief Electrical Engineer.
Are any of these gentlemen alive today?

Was Allied Industries a research corporation established by Rife?
How many other reports did it publish and where are they?
The report so riveted my attention that I was compelled to explore some of the history of microbiology and its connection to cancer and other disease. The present article, much longer than originally planned, is thus the result of a fortuitous finding - perhaps an example of what Jung has called "synchronicity" - and the consequent preliminary exploration.
Much more needs to be done to tell the story of Rife and his microscope. A fascinating episode in the history of science.


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