Saturday, December 18, 2010

Media blackout: Arrests of War & CIA Vets at White House demonstrations

Daniel Ellsberg, age 78, claims that this is his 80th arrest as he gives the peace sign behind his back. Among those arrested were Ray McGovern, Chris Hedges, Margaret Flowers, Coleen Rowley, Medea Benjamin, Jodie Evans and scores of veterans and supporters from WWII, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan... The message chanted in the freezing, 22 degree F snowy day was "Obama, Troops Out. End the War."

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Blacked-Out in DC: Pay No Attention to those Veterans Chained to the White House Fence

OpEdNews December 18, 2010 at 11:38:20

By Dave Lindorff (about the author)

There was a black-out and a white-out Thursday and Friday as over a hundred US veterans opposed to US wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world, and their civilian supporters, chained and tied themselves to the White House fence during an early snowstorm to say enough is enough.

Washington Police arrested 135 of the protesters, in what is being called the largest mass detention in recent years. Among those arrested were Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst who used to provide the president's daily briefings, Daniel Ellsberg, who released the government's Pentagon Papers during the Nixon administration, and Chris Hedges, former war correspondent for the New York Times .

No major US news media reported on the demonstration or the arrests. It was blacked out of the New York Times , blacked out of the Philadelphia Inquirer , blacked out in the Los Angeles Times , blacked out of the Wall Street Journal , and even blacked out of the capital's local daily, the Washington Post .


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A google search shows about 280.000 articles on the web, while doing a news search shows only 114 articles.

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Geezer Power said...

History isn't always reported and the accuracy of exactly what happened is often buried in the garbage of the elite.