Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ode to the Tea Baggers, Glen Beck, Dick Army, and Freedom Works

James wrote this song in 2006. He didn't mention any names cuz his subject matter was a little deeper
than that. In 2007 unemployment was already out of hand and Tent Cities were springing up in the suberbs.

Town Hall Meetings at that time we're a carry over from the 2004 George Duhbya Bush campaign. They were promoted  by FreedomWorks which was was founded in July 2004 as a spin off from the Ronny Raygun administration called Citizens for a Sound Economy, although, on their web site, they claim it was founded in 1984.

FreedomWorks, chaired by Dick Army is now allied with, media mogul, Glen Beck. The Tea Baggers. so called Town Hall Meetings. now organized nation wide by this corporate sponsered front, are drinking a halucinogenic brew that George Orwell described many years ago.

Hat tip to dad2059 for his timely post on tent cities,

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