Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Porn star to run as Republican for David Vitters senate seat

Caribou Barbie might be carrying things a little too far with her motorcycle jacket, but, by the same token, so is Stormy Daniels who claims that she is running against David Vitter for his senate seat.

While it is rumored that Sarah owns a Harley, it turns out that it was a brand new pink Harley used as a promotion when she was Governor of Alaska and was never ridden. The old school motorcycle gangs, like the Hell's Angels, and the Gypsie Jokers, if they notice, will be less than impressed by Palin's role in down and dirty politics. The Republican agenda, has made her the sweet heart of the hardcore activists in the corporate government, while McCane limps along in the background listening to talk about  Palin for president. Does the man have any pride? I don't know how far Sarah will go with all this, but there is no way that she can compete with Daniels brand of politics.

Stormy Daniels Back Into Louisiana US Senate Race As Republican?

Written by: BayouBuzz Staff

According to a press release, porn star, Stormy Daniels, has stated that she will announce on April 15 whether she will run for US Senate from Louisiana And if she does, it would be as a Republican..

Currently, the two major candidates are Republican Senator David Vitter and Democrat, US Rep. Charlie Melancon.

Daniels ties her possible decision to recent events with the National Republican Party.

The porn star’s entry into the field has brought national attention to the election because of David Vitter’s admission of sin associated with the Washington DC Madam case.

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