Monday, March 15, 2010

Courts Rule: No Link to Vaccines and Autism: Thimerosal is A OK

Well folks,if you're a skeptical as I am of the corporate government sponsored immunization program, you will probably raise an eyebrow at the court rulings made last Friday. Three judges ruled Friday in three separate cases that thimerosal, a preservative containing mercury, does not cause autism.

This don't affect me, but it sure affects my grandchildren, some of who have recieved the Swine Flu vaccine. Looks to me like almost all of the kids in public schools have recieved it. I'm over 70 years old, and I'll be damned if I'll get it, but the educational system, being very matter of fact about it, seems to get their way.

IMHO: The idea of an epedemic, when you look into it, is a hoax and the so called H1N1 virus is the same one that has been around since WW1. The weird stuff, that a lot of are suffering from today, is actually caused by a mycoplasma that resembles bacteria but acts like a virus.

Frankly, my method of acquiring immunity is a trip to the super market, where you will be exposed to all of the latest bugs just by grabbing the handle of the shopping cart. Yep, even the dreaded Swine Flu, which spreads rampantly after the local school kids are inoculated by the oral vaccine.

Anyways, it sure rattles my cage that the AMA& the FDA will not make Big Pharma do something about mercury in the vaccine. After-all, the FDA does admit that we should only eat fish once a week, and that tuna fish is the worst. It's  like...should we give up our tunafish sandwich for the profits of the pharmaceutical industry?

Here's Robert F. Kennedy's take on this


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