Friday, January 8, 2010

Toasted cars 1.35 miles from WTC near Manhattan bridge

Found this picture in the Toast Man video and wondered why the toasted cars were so far from the World Trade Center. I looked at Google Earth and then Google Street views and found the identical fence.

The fence in front of the toasted cars is the same as the fence around this property, which can be seen behind the cars in this picture. A better picture of the fence can be seen in the picture below. The toasted cars seem to be somewhat under the bridge, just behind the fence, and not far from the buttress of the Manhattan Bridge. The buttress is .07 miles or 370 feet from the camera location and the back fence is 210 ft from the camera location.

This location is about 1.35 miles from the WTC. The question is...did someone move them there, or did they get toasted on the spot? Just one more curiousity to submit to the open and independent investigation of this crime of the century. I'm not holding my breath because I ran out of air years ago...G:

Toasted cars video

If ya missed it it's at 5:10...G:

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