Sunday, October 18, 2009

US nuclear dealings with UAE are under the radar

With just five days left in office, George Duhbya Bu$h signed a nuclear deal with the United Arab Emirates which lies directly across the historical Straights of Hormuz from Iran. Seems that this would be a grave dis-service to our new administration, but, Once More, it is painfully evident that the Corporate Government is still running the show...

Obama green lights nuclear deal with UAE

May 20th, 2009 - 9:40 pm EST By Sindh Today

Washington, May 21 (DPA) US President Barack Obama has signed off on an agreement authorising the United States to help the United Arab Emirates (UAE) develop nuclear power, the White House announced Wednesday.

The deal was originally agreed in the final days of former president George W. Bush’s term, but was then left to the Obama administration to decide whether to implement the agreement.

"I have determined that the performance of the agreement will promote, and will not constitute an unreasonable risk to, the common defence and security," Obama said in a statement.

So fast forwarding to the here & now we see

Nuclear Power Industry News

Company Anticipates NASDAQ Listing On or About October 9th, 2009

- By Stephen Heiser -

Thorium Power, Inc. (Mclean, VA), a leading developer of non-proliferative nuclear fuel technology and provider of comprehensive advisory services for civil nuclear energy programs, today announced that the Company's name change to Lightbridge Corporation has been formalized and its ticker symbol will temporarily change from "THPW" to "LTBG" effective at the opening of the market today, September 29th. The Company anticipates a listing on the NASDAQ Capital Market on or about October 9th, when the ticker symbol will become "LTBR."

Seth Grae, CEO for Lightbridge stated, "The name change to Lightbridge is a milestone event for us. We believe that the word 'Lightbridge" better represents who we are, our global product and service offerings, and the evolution of our company."

Lightbridge is a leading provider of nuclear energy consulting services worldwide and is developing next generation nuclear fuel technology that will significantly reduce nuclear waste and the threat of proliferation. The combination of two core businesses puts Lightbridge in a unique position to capitalize on the global nuclear renaissance and growing trend of pursuing cleaner and safer forms of nuclear energy. The Company has an unrivaled depth of talent with a roster of leading experts and advisors that have served in industry and governmental positions for decades.

A brief history of... Thorium Power, Inc. (Mclean, VA)

Development and deployment of fuel for Russian VVER-1000 nuclear reactors

July 28, 2005
Interview by: Alise Coen

Seth Grae, President of the nuclear fuel and development firm, Thorium Power, Inc., has been working with a group of Russian nuclear engineers, physicists and experts on a project to develop and deploy fuel for the Russian VVER-1000 nuclear reactors. Thorium Power, Inc. was founded in 1992 and began working on a cooperative Initiatives for Proliferation Prevent (IPP) grant project with the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow and the Brookhaven National Laboratory in 1993. The IPP project is supported by a "triangular" relationship of institutes: the US national lab contributes technical assistance to the project, the US industry partners adds commercial expertise and cost-sharing, and the Russian institution offers unique technologies or research capacities.
The Project:

By developing and deploying fuel for the Russian VVER-1000 nuclear reactors, the scientists aim to eliminate stockpiles of weapons-grade plutonium and ultimately produce electricity within Russia. VVER is a Russian acronym which stands for "Water modified, Water cooled" Energetic Reactor. The number '1000' indicates that the reactor emits 1,000 megawatts of electricity—enough to power over 1 million homes, according to Grae.

Most of the research and project implementation takes place at the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow. Other activities occur at MSZ Electrostal, which is the largest nuclear fuel manufacturing plant in Russia; the Bochvar Institute, a research institute for inorganic materials; and the Siberian Chemical Combine (SKhK), once known as Tomsk-7, located in the closed nuclear city of Seversk. This project has received three grants from the IPP grant program, totaling $1.5 million. The project has also received an additional $4 million from direct US government appropriations.

This project employs 527 former weapons scientists in Russia, of which 160 are full-time researchers. Many of the Russian scientists formerly built and designed nuclear weapons or weapons technologies for the Soviet Union. A significant proportion of the scientists also produced weapons-grade plutonium. Grae added that, prior to being engaged by the IPP project, many of the Russian scientists designed Russian nuclear reactors and, specifically, the cores for those reactors.

George Duhbya Bu$h six days after 911

Visiting the Washington Islamic Center to denounce a spate of anti-Muslim violence as "not the America I know," President Bush said that "Islam is peace." Muslims contribute much to the country, Bush said. "The Muslims are doctors, lawyers, law professors, members of the military, entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, moms and dads, and they need to be treated with respect."

Bush appeared at the Islamic Center on September 17 as offenses targeting
Muslims in the US appeared to be fueled by suspicions that Muslim fundamentalists orchestrated the terrorist strikes at the World Trade Center.

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