Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Did helicopters play a role in the WTC disaster?

At around 49 seconds into the video you can see bright flashes emitting downward from helicopter 4. They are more discernable at full screen. The helicopters are pointed out on Siegel's raw video footage... 911 Raw - The 911 Eyewitness Research Edition by Richard A Siegel.

There is another video of this same helicopter on a video by Camera Planet from a different angle that shows what looks like an energy burst toward WTC2 in about the same time frame as the bursts of light from Siegel's video. It occurs at about 1:16 into the following video. I know this is far fetched but this looks like what could be a direct energy weapon. I'm not making a hypothesis here, just looking at evidence for use in a real investigation of an event that has changed the lives of everyone on this fragile planet. The non investigation by NIST can only be characterized by it's penchant for opaqueness and imo would lose in a court of law for that very reason...G:

Hmmm Does this relate at all? AC130 Gunship takes out Taliban fighters and various terrorists at Afghanistan location while avoiding mosque.

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