Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grass roots and liberal government are alive & well in Silverton Oregon

Yep, I know Stu, he is a friend of the people. If you want to see a good movie with old time atmosphere then the Palace Theatre is the place to be. Stu will be at the door to greet you and the popcorn is reasonable, as is the ticket.

If you want to go to a mediaplex theater, or you're looking for a walmart store, you won't find one and folks around these parts like it just as it is...G:

Silverton gives its vote to transgendered mayor

by Kimberly A.C. Wilson, The Oregonian
Friday November 07, 2008, 7:04 PM

SILVERTON -- Close your eyes and listen as the new mayor strides down his hometown's sidewalks, greeting a pair of cowboys whose boots clap against the leaf-covered macadam.

"Good job, Stu," intones the taller one.

"Congratulations, Mr. Mayor," calls the other.

Stu Rasmussen hollers back just as gruffly, wrapping up an exchange that would seem at place in any small farming community.

Article @ Oregon Live

Yep, I friend the Highwayman will be spitting nails and maybe even calling this blasphemy. And Dad? well, he'll just scratch his head, and wonder if there is any scientific or philosophic explanation at all. All I can say is that liberalism, "there, I did it, used the ism word...):", is no vice... Well, almost anyway.

If anyone chooses to be different, and is accepted in their own community or even accepted as a leader, then more power to them, as long as they represent the majority and do the will of the people. I know that Rudolph Giuliani will probably come to mind here, but he didn't represent the grass roots in NY city. In fact he represents graft and corruption and should be prosecuted for almost every crime in the book including murder.

Stu walks around freely in the community, and frequents thrift shops and flea markets presenting a contoversial face wherever he goes, while preserving the integrity and history of this
historical town.

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