Tuesday, August 5, 2008

If pigs had wings the NIST report would be finished

Here's the latest load of crap from the JREF nerds, as they pool their energies and (cough) intellectual expertise to prove that the government story is absolutely correct in every way shape and form.

These nerds are government shills. Their job is to spread disinformation and debunk anyone who is getting anywhere close to the truth. Take your shoes off and come on in, but be careful where you step.

Now Richard Guage is an intelligent dude and knows what he is talking about in this so called interview, but that doesn't count on Hardfire. I don't know if he is a gambling man, but one thing a gambler doesn't want to do is get into a game of poker in a strange town. All of the good old boys setting around the table are in cahoots. They may dress like hicks and wear overalls, but you don't have the chance of a fart in a toranado of winning. I think you will see what I mean as you watch Mark Roberts, (aka Gravy on jref), actually start interviewing instead of having an open discussion.

Be sure to read their disclaimer at the bottom of the journal.

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Geezer Power said...

What gravy doesn't want to talk about is that some of the concrete floors were intact in the basement area of WTC2. There is a video that shows a giant backhoe crunching them into chunks. The so called hypothesis, (actually just another conspiracy theory), of the government story is that the floors pancaked, gaining speed untill the total mass crashed into the bedrock, based on Arthur Scheuermans book, Fire in the Skyscraper. Actually there were some vehicles and a transit train that were uncrushed that were also in the basement.