Friday, March 28, 2008

Are Star Wars weapons being used in Basra?


March 28, 2008 - 6:15 PM

In one strike before dawn, a U.S. helicopter fired a hellfire missile at gunmen firing from the roof of a building, killing four of them, Cheadle said. A Reuters photographer there filmed windows blown out of cars and walls pocked with shrapnel.
Later in the day cars were engulfed in flames after an apparent air strike on a Sadr City parking lot. Police said another U.S. air strike in Kadhimiya, a Sadr stronghold in northern Baghdad, killed five people. U.S. forces said they killed 27 fighters in
operations in the capital on Thursday.

There are some pretty strange things on this video.

1:09 Burning vehicles much like found at the World Trade Center disaster.

1:41 Aircraft shooting fireballs.

1:42 A fast moving aircraft streaks from the right side of the picture and exits to left.

I don't have the capacity on my computer to capture video stills,so will give the times on the video where I seen these aircraft or whatever they are. To do it I had to keep running it over and over and quickly hitting pause.

1:52 There's a whole lot going on here in just a fracion of a second. The overall view is rapid, but you will notice something streakinf from right to left. Here's what I found by hitting pause after many tries.

1 Three aircraft enter at right side of picture.

2 Large eagle shaped figure followed by one aircraft at center of picture

3 Large eagle figure has moved to left and been passed by the single aircraft.

4 Large eagle figure exiting to left.

5 Gray area like a cloud or force field at exit point.

6 A gray area could be seen on the right just before the three aircraft entered,

Bush calls battle in Iraq 'a defining moment'; U.S. steps up air attacks

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Human said...

Peace to you and yours Geezer.

The fireballs are flares. These are fired to attract any heat seeking ordnance. They can be auto or manual.
Ground platforms commonly have this capability too.

The eagle shaped figure(s) are bird(s). I don't really see anything that can be construed as a forcefield.

Geezer Power said...

Thanks Human

The aircraft streaking by the helicopter could be a Navy Jet.
I does move across the picture pretty quickly though.

On the other sequence at 1:52 in the video there is a lot that doesn't make logical sense. If that is a bird in the picture, it should be in all the pictures as the whole sequence took only a fraction of a second. I took some digital pics of what I could catch by pausing the video in different positions.